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PLEASE be sure ALL UTILITIES are turned on

BEFORE inspection!

Your Realtor may assist with this.

Many Thanks!


We believe that most people - buyer's and seller's alike - want to treat other people fairly and honestly.  Our job is to facilitate that process by uncovering potential problems that could come back to haunt either party after the fact.

it is not our purpose to facilitate price negotiations, but rather to protect our clients from unforeseen dangers, safety issues, and costly repairs.  A byproduct of a good home inspection is that it not only protects the home-buyer, but it also helps to relieve potential liability issues for both sellers and Realtor's alike.  Our loyalty is with our clients, but in reality, everybody benefits when the truth is known.

That's what the Golden Rule is all about!

An honest, objective home inspection Is a win-win for all involved, It is quite possibly the most important investment anyone can make in the home-buying process.  

  • Attic accessible?
  • Crawl Space accessible?
  • Utility room and service panel accessible?
  • Yard Accessible?  (pets to be secured away from foundation and home perimeter)

Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

Affiliate Member Weston Buckhannon Board of Realtors

North Central West Virginia MLS

West Virginia Fire Marshal Certified - REG#  HI3044728282

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About Chris

Sauerwein Home Inspections, LLC

Licensed and Certified by 

West Virginia Fire Commission

Reg. # HI3044728282


Chris Sauerwein is a state certified Home Inspector licensed through the West Virginia Fire Marshal's Office and trained at the Home Inspector's Training Institute.

Chris has over 25 years experience as a licensed remodeling contractor and is also a former Realtor.

As a member of the International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNachi), Chris has completed certifications in several areas through continuing education, and has access to brightest minds and resources in the Home Inspection Industry today..

Realtors are usually happy to assist in setting up inspections for their clients 

HOME INSPECTION - An unbiased professional evaluation of the condition of a residential property. 

What we DO NOT do:

  • Septic Inspections:  We recomend that licensed, full time, septic professionals perform ANY septic inspections.
  • Radon Inspections:  Kits are available at home improvement stores for a fraction of the cost of professional testing. 
  • Mold Inspections:  Mold is easy to detect visually and we note it when found.  Inexpensive kits are available for more detailed analysis.
  • Structural Inspections on Double-Wides and Manufactured Housing:  Licensed Engineers are required to do these types of inspections often required for FHA, VA, and other financing.

Your Key to Piece of Mind 

Chris reviewing a finished report before submitting to client.

Our Rule is the Golden Rule

Checklist for Realtors

  • Seller/tennant notified? 
  • All utilities on?
  • Water heater on & filled?
  • Furnace Pilot on?
  • Pets secure?

A typical Home Inspection is 4 hours

It is good to let the homeowner or tennant know about this

Accessibility Checklist






IMPORTANT:  Please note that a Home Inspector may only communicate with the client (signing party) concerning the results of a home inspection.  Written permission is needed to share or discuss the final report with an agent, seller, or any third party.  The Inspection report itself is the primary tool of communicating defects to the seller.

​​​The Gold Key Standard

in Certified General Home Inspections